Good health is a state of absolute luck!

Our mission is to improve the world of health through innovative technological tools of prevention, continuous and daily monitoring without the aid of medical and paramedical staff.
Our company in 5/10 years will have seriously contributed to the management of emergencies (especially in Italy) and will be a valid support to the various emergency rooms and hospitals by avoiding unnecessary waiting hours for patients.
It will be a valid support especially for those people who are territorially distant from hospitals or triages interacting with them without the help of medical personnel. In parallel, in 5 years an exclusive artificial intelligence will be developed that will serve, especially in the medical field, to prevent and treat diseases not immediately diagnosed as well as the management of collected big data, which will be made available to medical universities for research and development.
Our vision is for a company that becomes an important reference point in the field of research and development in the medical sector in 10 years. It will be a valuable aid for all healthy and unhealthy people, for a quick approach to the various useful clinical tests and above all for the reduction of the health costs to be sustained, but it will also be supportive in the post-operative phase, facilitating all those who need continuous assistance at reduced costs.


You must be the change
you wish to see in the world.
(Mahatma Gandhi).


We are a team of people who propose solutions for your health and your safety.


We want help people understand that managing own health isn’t complicated.

4 Steps to success – The process is quite simple

1.) The origin

We have been dealing with health data for a long time, initially it was a filing system intended for insurance companies and large private clinics, then the market began to mature rapidly after 2010, the advent of smartphones was decisive, being able to access health data completely safely through an APP allowed us to develop very sophisticated and also captivating products.

2.) The idea

It is a medical device that, through a QR code placed on a bracelet, or other accessory, allows you to connect, in a few seconds, to a digital archive where all the user’s medical personal data is contained, precious for a prompt intervention targeted. With this method of immediate recognition, the rescuer will have access to the patient’s health profile (blood group, allergies, ongoing medical therapies, medical certificates, exams and medical records) as well as his identity documents.

3.) The improvements

Taking a step forward compared to the life-saving bracelet, we have created a true system for monitoring pressure, heart rate, breathing, steps, sleep, mood, fall and oxygenation, cardio. It is a product designed to monitor especially the elderly and people with disabilities, to monitor their health, as it is able to warn us about exceeding certain thresholds.

4.) The Developments

We are promoting the check up in total autonomy, through our patented and certified tools and in total privacy, the user can make all measurements and if required he can get in touch with our operative medical center.
These tools can be used inside pharmacies, in companies, at home or even during a long journey.
We thought about all the emergency situations in which a person could find themselves and we looked for the best solution.

5.) Today

The SOSunit Operation Centre is a futuristic health project which, through use and dissemination on the national and international territory, allows at any time to access an updated “medical record” of the patient and, if desired, to consult a doctor in real time.

The SOSunit central is supported by our doctors and by an IT platform which, through an algorithm capable of analyzing incoming health data, is able to provide a response and send it in real time.

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