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We we want help people understand that managing own health is not so complicated.

mioID the LifeSaver

Medical Device Class I – CE

It is a QR code, that printed on a bracelet or on any other accessory (helmet, motorcycle, bicycles, suitcases, briefcases, wallet, etc.), allows the rescuer to access the user’s personal folder in a few seconds, to know his personal emergency data, to contact the relatives and to ensure a targeted and safe intervention thanks to the information received.

It is perfect for the whole family, even for your pets who need the same care as you do.


latest collection

Apollo health Station

Apollo Station is a booth where you can take sanitary measurements in total autonomy and privacy. A choice definitely appreciated by: private and public companies, 7-star condominiums and pharmacies.

Apollo health Case

A First aid at your fingertips with real-time parameter measurements and reports. A choice suitable for: facilities for the elderly, doctors who make home visits, patients who need constant medical supervision, shipping and air companies.


It is a smart health watch with remote monitoring especially designed for elderly. In addition to routine functions such as health monitoring, quadruple positioning, motion monitoring, one-button call, the product also has features such as wearing monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, automatic alarm and intelligent reminder.

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Latest Reviews

I never go out for a ride without my #helpcodelife on my wrist! I recommend it to all runners but not only!

Laura S. / Italy

I definitely recommend them because of their easy-to-use, amazing technology products based on life-sensing and life-tracking which integrate well into our health, lifestyle and security in daily life routine. They are amazing.

Syed T.N. / Pakistan

Congratulations! Beautiful and useful initiative! Especially for those like me that goes towards ….. the majority!…

Marco M. / Italy

This is a great project that will help many people. Congratulations!

Maria / Lastname

I like to think that from today my children will have an extra Guardian Angel….

Patricia A. / Switzerland

Good idea and good luck !!

Antonio B. / Italy

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