The Helo LX Plus advanced wearable wellness device is a new disruptive technology that is making a statement and changing the game.

HELO is an acronym for Health and Lifestyle Oracle, so the new Helo LX Plus is built to help guide you toward a healthier lifestyle. In addition to performing the standard wearable device functions such as tracking your steps, heart rate and calories burned, the new Helo LX Plus also monitors your mood, energy level, blood pressure, EKG and much more.

With so many features to benefit your busy lifestyle, perhaps the most noteworthy is the recent release of Helo Extense, the worlds leading non-invasive blood sugar monitor. With the Helo LX Plus and Helo Extense coupled together, it is now possible to monitor your blood glucose levels without painful finger pricks!

Pioneered by product designer Antonio De Rosa the creative mind behind the Apple iPhone design, the new Helo LX Plus may be the world’s most advanced lifestyle wearable. Especially relevant is the fact that the new Helo LX Plus is the first product to use Toshiba’s revolutionary light Nano chip processor technology. Since its introduction by Toshiba at the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest technology event on the planet, the new Helo LX Plus has captured media attention around the world. As a result, a lifestyle revolution has been ignited and embraced by people of all walks of life from every corner of the earth.

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