Valmalenco UltraDistance Trail

19/20 July 2019 – Caspoggio (SO)

VUT a technical race, for real high mountain trailers. The race will also qualify for the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc).

The legendary kermesse, which retraces the Alta Via della Valmalenco and its shelters, develops a path that will touch as many as 15 high-altitude accommodation facilities with 4 downhill sections at over 2,600m. All bringing the competitors to cross steep jets, fast single tracks and breathtaking passages at the edge of the glaciers in the Bernina group.

Fully embracing the green spirit of the event, the VUT 2019 will be “plastic free”. Each competitor will then be provided with a special glass that will allow them to quench their thirst along the path without affecting the ecosystem of an area that is as beautiful as it is delicate.

The high mountain safety is essential. As in previous editions, VUT athletes will be monitored with satellite detectors, so as to view the progress of the race in real time. In addition to this, thanks to the partnership with , each trailer will be equipped with an innovative MioID bracelet branded VUT with a QRCode. In case of emergency, it will be possible to trace the identity of the competitor, knowing his medical record, blood group and any allergies. This bracelets can also be a faithful companion for other adventures or future outdoor excursions.

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The journey of the stars

Everyone has his peak to reach!

On May 25th in Piazza Gae Aulenti (Milan) the long ride of the B.Livers with e-bikes will start, from Milan to Cortina.

They will carry the flag of the Olympic Committee 2026 up to Col Gallina (Cortina, Passo del Falzarego) and the Starlight Room. It will be a journey in stages, in which the guys, suffering from serious chronic diseases of the B.LIVE project (, will meet people, companies, places that, like them, have lived stories of passion, sacrifices and hope, going beyond their efforts to build a better world.

At the start there will be a performance of the bike trial champion Andra Pilo and many friends who will travel the first kilometers with B.Livers on the Martesana.

The guys will then continue alone to the Tenuta Borgoluce where they will arrive on Tuesday 28 and from there they will leave to reach Cortina on Friday 31 May. On June 1st the big party all together under the stars.

The World down Syndrome day

Today, the 21st of march, is the World down Syndrome day, it is a global awareness initiative that has been created to raise awareness and support for those living with Down syndrome.

There Are many initiatives organized and inform people about what this syndrome represents and what it is not. Especially, to remember how some simple daily gestures (go to school, practice a sport, go out with friends) are still often, a far-off milestone for many people with this syndrome.

One of this event to raise awarness is the“Lots of socks”, which is a fun initiative that iinvites people to wear unpaired socks. Why socks? because chromosomes look like socks and people with Down’s syndrome have an extra chromosome.